Clan War Rules

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  1. Choose a target which is challenging but you can comfortably 3 star - avoid going to high or too low
  2. Share your target on clan chat ( for example if your base position on war map is 1 and attacking enemy base 3 you should write 1:3 on chat )
  3. Do not attack other players chosen targets, unless attacked by the one who claimed it and failed, you can see targets on clan description
  4. Train strong troops for war ( no goblins )
  5. Use proper spells and request for cc troops
  6. Communicate attack strategy on clan chat to leaders if you would like advice
  7. Players ranked in the bottom half of the roster should use both attacks within first hours of war. All players in the middle of the roster should use first attack early in war and use second attack to cleanup after someone's failed attack
  8. If you donate troops that are not appropriate to a troops request for CW, you will be demoted and possibly kicked out of the clan
  9. We have a group chat on "Groupme messenger" for easier coordination outside of game chat - ask a leader for details.

A Diatribe on when and who to attack.

In a perfect matchup (for our clan) we would each attack our peer (1:1, 2:2, 3:3, etc) and get 3 stars. This never happens as matchups are averaged and approximated based on other clans that are looking for a war matchup at the same time as us. So we have to have some sort of plan or processes to methodically and logically progress to our goal of winning the war.

Assumption #1: the opponent with a lower ranking (Higher #) than yours is going to be easier to defeat than the opponent with your same ranking.

Assumption #2: You won't always get 3 stars and someone is going to have to clean-up after you.

Given all the above information and assumptions I propose the following to be the optimal attack order:

  1. the lowest rank player should be ready to attack the lowest rank opponent immediately at the opening of the war and should prepare his next army and proceed to attack the second lowest as soon as it completes.
  2. The second lowest rank player should attack the lowest ranked opponent not yet 3-star'd with his first attack
  3. The second lowest rank player should repeat #2
  4. The third lowest rank player should repeat #2 with both attacks and so on until all bases have been 3-star'd.

This doesn't account for our global membership, timezones, work, school, family, natural disasters, or shitty third-world internet access.